We had a gorgeous time doing a mini tour of North Carolina last weekend. Zoe's Coffeehouse in the Charlotte area was a gem! We've never enjoyed such a warm and welcoming response in a new town. After our set there was a DRAG Contest so we ended it with "Life's Short, Wear Heels!" to some clapping and stomping:) SWEET!  We hope to be back soon with our new friends this year.  If you are near Gastonia NC be sure to drop in!

Sunday we toured downtown Greensboro with our favorite DJ Brian Z of WQFS. I learned more about the famous four at the Greensboro sit-in, saw the Walgreen's stools-- a great way to commemorate Dr. King.

Monday 1/20 we got to hear our live sound on the airwaves! We interviewed and performed for about three hours live on 90.9 WQFS. Brian Z is such a great supporter of Indie Music and Songwriters-- give his show a listen on Epicuria Radio Mondays from 6-8 am. 

David Gorozdos is a master of the keyboard, and Neal Herron on the harmonica-- we have really found the "Whole Magilla" sound I was hoping for when this adventure began. It's an honor to play with these fellas. They perform regularly with several bands, including the Capital Blues Ensemble. Check em out!

In two short months we've really found our groove. Come join us February 1st at Quench in Rockville for our homecoming show! New originals, new covers, and the goofiness that makes us the quirky Whole Magilla.

Stay warm this week!! It's chilly and frozen tundra here in Maryland:)


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