Caroline Ferrante is an award-winning Indie Folk/Roots Revival Songwriter for Film, Television, and Theater. She creates compelling human stories rife with emotion and grit. 

“I love to write songs that take an unexpected angle: the untold story, the unsung hero. I like to challenge clichés, symbols, and assumptions by turning them on their head. I often employ paradox to take the listener beyond their own reality. 

Roots, folk, blues, and Americana influences make my music feel familiar and accessible- creating a comfortable space, like a well-worn easy chair.  

That’s the music I like to make.” 

Originally from Chicago’s south side, Caroline Ferrante studied theater and voice at Northwestern University and emerged on the D.C. music scene in 2011, when she opened for Birds of Chicago. 

Cabbage Run Records signed Ferrante for her debut release, “Live from the Belfry” in 2014.The following year she began her artist-in-residency at D.C.’s O Street Mansion, where she explores the inclusivity of Americana music on her “Americana Radio Show”. She has shared the microphone with Mark Bryan (Hootie & the Blowfish), Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), Jack Tempchin  (The Eagles), and Grammy Award-winner Paul Williams. 

Ferrante's June 2017 EP release, "SKY", produced by Austin Bello ofForever the Sickest Kids, received critical acclaim from No Depession… 

 “A substantive statement from an important recording artist.”  

Skope Magazine… 

“Caroline Ferrante delivers an incredible kaleidoscope of color with the powerful “SKY”.”  

Her single “Feels Like a Holiday” ranked #8 in the national “Top Ten Singles of 2017” award by Ark of Music. “Better Angels” & “Symphony” were featured in web-series, The Haven. “Brighter Day” was featured in the play, “The Goddess Diaries.” “River Flow” won runner up in the Convergence Music ProjectSongwriting Competition. She was chosen for Reverbnation’s National “Top 8 Trending Songwriters Playlist” for December 2018 & January 2019.  

Currently Ferrante is collaborating on The Empathy Project(scheduled release-February 2019) with producer Austin Bello.  

In this 8-song release Ferrante explores the power of empathy, and the perspective that comes with seeing things from the “flip side”. In this time of political animosity and cultural hatred, Ferrante delves deep into her own hopes and fears as an Americana artist. She explores her own gender, race, and culture identity through the lens of empathy—as a pathway to understanding.  

The Empathy Project is partially funded by a grant from the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland and In Honor of Her, Inc.